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this was shared to me on another site and just had to show you folks

not my tractor and do not know who does own it

just could not keep it to myself :p
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I got to admit, I almost painted my 48A like that for my wife, now I'm glad I didn't as she has never driven it or taken any interest in it and I'd look funny competing in the tractor games on a pink tractor.
IF she ever decides to take an interest in a tractor I'd paint it any color she wished.
I think that one turned out pretty nice compared to some I saw back when I was researching pink tractors for her.
mgood said:
much as i dislike Pink or Purple,
Hey! now were picking on purple, whats wrong with purple? Next you'll be making fun of flames! :lol:

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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