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this was shared to me on another site and just had to show you folks

not my tractor and do not know who does own it

just could not keep it to myself :p
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mgood said:
Question here guys; aren't a lot of the pink tractors we see over the internet folks that are supporting cancer research?????? Many of the owners being survivors?????????? Seems like a few years ago i read about one that was pink for that reason.
You're right Melvin, a lady named Lorie Garland, who went by "PINKy" started pulling an Allis Chalmers C
painted pink around the circuits in the Carolinas, then elsewhere,to promote breast cancer awareness.
She was the first as far as I know, that started using a pink tractor, either pulling or at a show, for this promotion.
I found this video of her in action.
Pink Power Pulling
I heard a few years ago that she sold the C and built another, but since have lost touch, and not sure.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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