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Planting Time...

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Well, today is the day. This afternoon my wife and I, and my dad (Gordon1121) are heading up to put out our potatoes and onions.. I've got a 50# bale of Kennebecs (doubt I will plant them all but who knows,) 5 pounds of onion sets for green onions (standard red/yellow/white sets from my work), and should have in the mail today or tomorrow approximately 480 "candy" sweet onion slips from Dixondale Farms in Texas... first time with them so I'm hoping for the best. I'm pretty excited, and pics will follow up tonight. Since my sugar snap peas washed over the hill :eek: , this will be our new first in the ground. Some tell me they think it's a little late, and it may be for them... but my great Grandma grew a garden that was envied by any who saw it... and she swore by planting in "the signs." The dark nights in April was when the root crops went in, so, here we go... then on a comical note, on the other side of the family, I had a great Grandfather who said that he planted things in the dirt, not in the moon :lol: I'd like to see this years come up and make them both proud, so here's to getting it all started! Pictures to come in after we're done tonight hopefully.
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Ifn you are ready and the ground is ready and the time is right, It's time to plant. That's my philosophy. Don't go too much by the signs. I do sometimes wonder ifn I dig postholes the wrong time of the month. When I don't have enuff dirt to fill the hole, I guess that's the problem. :oops: Hope yall had fun playin' in the dirt! :D
Brandon ,my husband is like your grandfather. He say he plants in the dirt and not the noon.
He plant when the weather and soil is right ,He always has a good garden.

We have done it my great Grandpa's way the last couple of years (with an exception or two for going with the signs,) we just thought that this year we would try Great Grandma's way and see what happened. It's funny, and a story that dad should post here... but when I was real little dad grew a tobacco crop based solely on her advice concerning the signs and it was apparently absolutely phenomenal what they grew that year... (post it Dad... hint hint.) I don't know what will happen, but I'm hoping that she's smiling thinking about us going through with this this morning. If nothing else, I am trying to just learn and soak in everything that I can of some of the "old ways" just so that I can know and pass it on to my grandchildren some day (Dad will probably keep it straight and educate my own children better... haha.) On a side note, I did learn that Grandma used to always say that the heavier the locust blooms in a year the better the crop year would be... if that holds true it should be a good year up here - the trees are loaded right now!
Oh and Jim, we had a ball playing in the dirt! :D It's hard not to after being cooped up all winter.
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I am a firm believer in the signs.. when to plant when to wean calves when to doctor them.. try planting tobacco dog days and see what happens ever notice some times a cut heals fast and sometimes it don't? sorry Brandon I cut in on your post.. Have fun planting that garden... ;)
me and a few friends ordered over 6000 onions from dixondale. They grow real good here ;)
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