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Please help me identify

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A friend of mine here at work has this tractor on his Dad’s land. The barn was converted to a home and the tractor is sitting in the weeds and they do not know allot about this tractor. I was planning on going with him to his Dad’s land and see if I can get the tractor running and get it moved inside a building on the land.
The number that he can find are:
Can anyone help me identify the model and year from the attached pictures, I know they are not much to work off of. Need to know more about this tractor to order some parts before I attempt to get it running. I do have some tractor knowledge, I currently have a 1947 Farmall M but can use any help that you can provide.


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Here's some info about the evolution of the Ford 8N. You'll see where yours looks like it is a 1950 8NB.

1947 (8N) Serial numbers: 8N1 to 8N37907. Early models had a different style clutch pedal linkage consisting of a bolt which pushed on a lever to release the clutch. The radius rod front clevis resembled the 2N type, and the PTO engagement lever was mounted on a cast iron cover. The engine block was the same as the 2N block and did not yet have the "8N" cast into it on the left side behind the starter.
1948 Serial numbers: 8N37908 to 8N141369. Redesigned clutch linkage. Engine block has "8N" casting mark cast into it on the left side behind the starter.
1949 Serial numbers: 8N141370 to 8N245636. 1949 saw two major improvements. The steering box was changed at serial number 216989 to a Spicer type with tapered sector shafts for better backlash adjustment. There are set screw adjusters on both sides of the newer style steering box. At serial number 245261, nearly the end of 1949 production, an inner grease seal was added to the rear axle housing to help stop the common problem of gear oil leaking onto the brakes.
1950 Serial numbers: 8N245637 to 8N343592. From serial number 247571 the engine oil pump was redesigned to use larger gears to provide more volume. At serial number 252845 the gear lever with a small forged knob was changed to a threaded lever with a black plastic screw on knob. The TSX-33 carburetor that had been used for several years was changed at serial 260595 to the TSX241 model. The top link pin retainer was changed from a single hole to a 3 hole design. A new engine block was cast so the distributor could be relocated at serial number 263844. The engine now had a side mounted distributor with separate coil on the right side and the dynamo was moved to the left side of the engine. The "8N" casting mark on the left rear of the block was changed to "8N-B". The Ford script was embossed into the rear mudguards around serial number 270xxx. Dealer installed accessory lighting kits eliminated the headlight "wing" mounts and replaced them with round stamped steel mounts. At serial 276115 the carburetor was changed to the TSX-241A. The Proofmeter (tachometer and hourmeter) was added to the instrument panel at serial number 290271. At serial number 313112 the carburetor problems were solved by a change to the TSX-241B. From serial 337916 the engine oil filler/breather tube was modified to keep oil from splashing out.
1951 Serial numbers: 8N343593 to 8N442034. From serial number 403489 a dust shield was added to the inside of the distributor to help extend the life of the contact points. The engine block cylinder bores were enlarged and the sleeves were changed at serial number 433578 to a cast iron material with a .090" wall thickness (piston size remained the same). The "8N-B" casting mark on the left rear of the block was then changed to "8N-C" and the star on each end of the serial number was changed to a diamond. Because Ford stopped supplying the steel sleeves, many older engines were re-bored at overhaul time to use the new cast iron sleeves. The engine oil pan casting was strengthened to give it extra support to resist cracking from the strain of front loaders.
1952 Serial numbers: 8N442035 to 8N524076. From serial number 451959 the front tie rod ends were changed to have a longer stud and use a castle nut and cotter pin to keep them from working loose. The spindle arms were also changed to bend upward slightly to make clearance for the castle nut above the axle. At serial 452913 the oil filler hole for the steering box was put on the front of the upper column between the steering wheel and dash board. Sometime mid-year a change was made to the transmission housing on the left rear side to allow for a larger gear to lower the reverse gear ratio. The upper rear lift arms were reinforced with a more rectangular cross section shape for increased strength.
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