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Please help me identify

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A friend of mine here at work has this tractor on his Dad’s land. The barn was converted to a home and the tractor is sitting in the weeds and they do not know allot about this tractor. I was planning on going with him to his Dad’s land and see if I can get the tractor running and get it moved inside a building on the land.
The number that he can find are:
Can anyone help me identify the model and year from the attached pictures, I know they are not much to work off of. Need to know more about this tractor to order some parts before I attempt to get it running. I do have some tractor knowledge, I currently have a 1947 Farmall M but can use any help that you can provide.


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yep.. if wanting to get it to run.. put some atf oil downt he cy;s and let it soak a bit.. then post us back in a few days
the engine sn is on a 1x4 flattened boss ont he left side rear of the engine block, above the starter, aft of the oil filter.. just below the head.

many engines get swapped.. so date the sn, then compair to axle date codes.. if they are within a few months or are in same year.. likely is a complete chassis.
you will likely need mor ethan 1 visit.

also.. some pics of areas that would have actually offered Identifying clues would have helped.

for instance. dash.. dash will tell you if it is a 9n/2n chassie vs 8n.

rear hubs will as well.

as I mentioned. 9n/2n/8n blocks all interchange to the trannies and bolsters.

all depends on where he saw that 8nb .

the hood comes off WITh the gas tank attached with 4 dash botls nad 2 dogleg bolts. however.. there is no need to remove it to do ignition work.

front mount dizzy have 4 wires.. and the dizzy comes off with 2 bolts.

side mount dizzy ar ehte normal looking ones and have 5 wires. you simply pop the bails open to work on the innards.

fromt he pics you posted. i'm going to say 8n but can't tell front mount or not.

at the end of the post will be my N service data list.

also.. i see she is on 6v.... and at 7ys. plan on the battery being toast.

i don't know of any free manuals online. most farm stores sell an FO-4 service manual.

i'm guessing you will have to tow it to the barn.

get some cheap atf -f or dex/merc 3. fill the cyls with it while waiting. it will help unstick the rings..e tc.

N fire order 1-2-4-3

Ford 9N, 2N, 8N Oil filters:

Ford Part Number: CPN 6371B 9N-18649, 9N-6714, 9N-2731
Fram C3, C3-P
NAPA Gold 1010
Motorcraft FL 144
Balidwin P40
Big A 92010
Bosch 72127
Carquest 85010
Fleetguard LF574
Wix 51010
Purolater L20110 or L20701
Fleetrite LFR-8574
Texaco HSO-100
Unocal OF 1010
White 10575
Hastings Mighty M3LF-130
Luber-Finer P3

Ford 9-2-8n Front mount distribuitor ignition service:

gap points to .015

Front Mount distributor...
Standard Ignition Blue Streak #FD-6769X (Premium)
Standard Ignition #FD-71
Standard Ignition #FD-104
Distributor Cap:
Standard Ignition #FD-126

Side-Mount Distributor: 8n thru 4 cyl thousand series

gap points to .025

Standard Ignition #FD-8081
Standard Ignition Blue Streak #FD-8081X (Premium)
Standard Ignition #FD-75
Standard Ignition Blue Streak #FD75X (Premium)
Standard Ignition #FD-108
Distributor Cap:
Standard Ignition #FD-128

side mount points hold down screws #8-32 X 3/16
FORD AUTOMOBILE dealer parts counter. come with built-in lockwasher. p/n 355047-S7 (#8-32 X 0.19)

All 4 cyl models can use AL-437 or champion H12 spark plugs instead of OEM Champion H10 or AL 216 plugs. many places call a champion H12 a '512'

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5.5qts... rest of the 6th qt goes into the air cleaner cup.

ie.. buy 6 qts.. fill air cleaner cup to line.. rest goes in engine.

i would probably put a lil atf type f or dex/merc 3 in the engine as well.
appears to be a later 8n.

has the screw on gear shifter.. a proof meter.. a left side genny.. menaing a angle dizzy drive.

if they were jumping it in shuch a way that the solenoid was involved. it may or may not be stuck.

jumping it like that. IE.. jumping driectly to a dead battery rarely results in a starter turning, as the dead battery is a huge draw.

still might be stuck however...
i had a friend that let a small ford diesel set and set up for years.. then he would ask eme to mow and disc for him. on 2nd trip over i spent the day getting his machine running... :(
6v neg grnd?

it letf the factory 6v + grnd.

in any case. to hot wire. you would HAVE to use the un-grounded side of the battery. whichever post ain't tied to chassis goes to coil...
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