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Poppin Johhny

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I grew up on a rural farm outside of Cynthiana, Ky. My Pop had a john deere H, and I used to ride in his lap and sleep. Yes, that john deere H sung so sweet, I could not stay awake. When I was 10 or so, Pop traded the john deere H for a 1955 john deere 40. He said it had wide wheels, and I could drive it. The first time I drove it by myself, we were raking and baling hay. I would go around the field with the rake on the back, and Pop would yell at me to slow down. I would get to the other side and Caseman (my brother) would yell for me to speed up. After a couple of rounds of this, I drove around the field and wouldn't look at either of them. Besides I was having a hard time not to fall asleep.

When I moved to Texas, I started going back to Cynthiana for the tractor shows he attended. I told him I wanted a tractor. He asked what kind, and I proudly said, " a 1955 john deere 40." He found me one, I wired him the money, and he and his son went to go get it.

Now when we travel back to Ky, with my 1955 john deere 40 on the trailer, people come over and admire my tractor and tell Bob how pretty his tractor is. You know I don't let them get away with it. He has to tell them thanks, but he belongs to my wife.
before ]/b]

caseman unloading


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Poppy Johnny
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Oh, I forgot to tell you, his name is Poppin Johnny and I still love to hear him sing to me.
He sings sweet.... good on you MJ happy memories of you chugging round Casemans show with your umbrella up.... must do it again sometime .xx
Those 40s are neat tractors. I have the one that belonged to my Grandaddy, mom's dad. :D
After Caseman and his son went to get the tractor, they parked it in another son's garage. We pulled up, and I jumped out of the RV and ran up to the tractor. I climbed on it, and thought to myself, I don't know how to start it (after all I was a kid when I drove the one like it). In the mean time, Bob told Caseman that he better go show me how to drive it. Caseman told Bob to just wait a minute, and I would have it down to them. My fingers knew what to do, guess like riding a bike, and I was soon driving it. No, I didn't drive it to the trailer. I drove it around for a while. I am not sure who was the most proudest, Caseman or me.

Now, Bob and I take it from Texas to Kentucky twice a year for Caseman's tractor show, his tractor ride and another show. When you see the Dailey's line up, there is three generations of Dailey's riding their tractors. Someone asked why I didn't leave my john deere 40 in Kentucky. My answer, "I will miss him if he isn't in my garage so I can see him."
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What I read I really liked it. Thank you for your information!
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