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Power Twist V belt for NAA?

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My NAA has a Wagner loader installed. The loader uses a hydraulic pump mounted to the pully at the front of the engine. To replace a fan belt you must take many parts loose or removed. I was wondering if any of you have used one of these Power twist belts on your tractor or other engine.

Yaegoo Power Twist V-Belt 1/2-Inch x 5 Feet A Type: Industrial & Scientific

Thanks for any info.
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They are designed for low h.p. and rpm. like air handlers and table or band saws. They might work to get one out of a spot, but I wouldn't think they would last long on anything with high torque. I don't ever remember seeing them sold in any auto parts shops or on anything with a combustion engine.
Thanks. I felt that might be the case.
I see there is a company (Fenner drives) that makes hardware to joint belt ends together. Their website shows a product to joint V-belts. It is a steel hinged connector . I will research to see if they have a size that might work for me.
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