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Preparing for a Ploughing day.

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A charity ploughing day is being held close to us on Sat. It will be the first chance to try out the Zetor 3045

We tried this 4 furrow plough, but have decided it would be too much and will take a 3 score instead.
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That Zetor looks to be a heavy tractor, and I think 3 plows will match up with it better.
Never seen a Zetor before. Neat
Where were they made? Never heard of or seen.

Zetors are made in Czechoslovakia,and evolved from an arms factory looking for peacetime production. the first tractor, the 25A first rolled off the production line a few months after
the end of the war. They were a cheap alternative to western tractors, and still are relatively cheap.
Here's a pic of my 100 hp 4 wd, its a 04 model.


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I never seen or heard of a zetor tractor before.
It look like a large heavy built one.

Paddy in that last pic is that your home ?
A very pretty place .

No Betty, thats one of our neighbours, this is a crowded little place you know :)
This is a pic of our place

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Thanks Paddy for the pic, its look like a good spread .
Now I been to Ireland to day .That is what so wonderful
to me about ATF. Thanks again,

Betty is right, a very pretty place indeed :!: :D
Very pretty country and farm. My ancestors came from Vestor Ireland always wanted to see the country.
Thanks for the info on the tractor and the pics. Nice place you have there!!!

Does anyone over there run with duals? Doesn't look like that Zetor is set up to put any on.
Some larger places would run duals Kent, but around here the contractors tend to use floatation tyres with single pass outfits.
Hope you have a nice sunny day... :)
You'll have to do a post on your avatar picture some time. You rarely see something like that over here.
MrsMassey and myself visited Ireland in '00. We had no reservations at all, just landed at Dublin, rented a car and took off. We just picked out Bed and Breakfasts each evening, ate every meal in the pubs and visited all over the middle and southern areas for 9 days. We want to go back again....Such a fantastic trip and the food was amazing !!!! :D :D We found an outstanding agricultural museum that held my interest for hours !! I hope you enjoyed your plowing day !!!
Tha Ulsterscot said:
No Betty, thats one of our neighbours, this is a crowded little place you know :)
This is a pic of our place

Nice looking place you have. Just wondering what the plant is in the front pasture, Looks like a plant we have here called tansey ragwort. Sheep can eat it but not good for cattle, worse when mixed in the hay....James
Well spotted Kent, I should have pulled them up, :oops: ,but it has been sprayed and cut for hay since.

Missourie, we had a good days crack, and rasied over £1900 for the chest heart and stroke charityat the same time. You can see pics of the day on here, The County Down Traction Engine Club. com
Lots of others there too, worth taking a look.

Kent, I will put up some more pics of the Holder as soon as I can,and a bit more information about it.

Thanks everyone for looking Paddy
Now that things are slowing down how about some pics and information on that Holder?
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