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Pretty little bug-eyed girl....

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Doggone it, found this at a farm auction 40 miles south of me....she was so irresistible and begged to come home with me because she sat in the barn
for ten years or better and was full of mice and mud daubers...

Sure is bug-eyed and about as ugly as sin but the motor was supposed to have been freshened up by a mechanic, then parked waiting for cosmetics.
Man-o-man... Massey Harris WHEEL WEIGHTS... what a bonus !!!!
The old- timer just passed on at 93 a few years back and it just sat and sat some more...until Saturday's auction. Oil was clean as is the oil filter, you
can see the new head gasket, valves were to have been done and new brakes. We'll see, won't we now...

Hydraulic reservoir full and you can see the cylinder and the cultivator lift arms here. Rubber is brand new, though mis-matched.

Actually the farther away, the better she looks...Still has those eyeballs, no matter how hard you try not to see them !!

Some super dee-luxe re wiring here. See the solonoid?? There is a momentary push button on the dash (in place of the temp gage) that engages
the solonoid to crank the starter. Positive ground 8 volt dead battery.

Here's a shot of a plastic bodied coil that replaced the original. I cleaned and checked the points, cleaned and gapped the plugs to be sure, hung
a temporary tank off the breather pipe and used an 8D 12volt battery to spin her over. Man it blew tons of chaff out of the smoke pipe and wouldn't
hit a lick. Thinking it was the carb because I didn't do anything to it but turn on the fuel line, I went to the shed for a fresh rebuild for another
162 Continental to hang onto the old gal. When I climbed onto the side of the trailer to slip the rebuilt carb on in place of the original....
guess what was sitting on top of the gas tank !!!!???? THE ROTOR !!!!!!!

You guessed it... I put the rotor in and hit the starter button and within 8 to 10 revolutions, the old gal decided to fire off and now shoot
some burning and smoldering chaff out of the smoke pipe !!!! This is the first shot at the bottom of the ramps literally within minutes of
firing up. See, I was so confident it was going to be such a simple job I did all that while on the trailer, just so I could DRIVE it off !!!!

I really disrupted a pile of mud daubers, some didn't make it all the way here and flew the coop with some of the mice while flying up the hiway
at 65 or so..

A couple of diehards hung quite well to the breather a matter of principle, they can stay until they fall off, just because they made the trip.
So now, where will I park this bug-eyed baby ?????
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Neat find, pardon my ignorance but is that a 30? MH's in row crop fashion were very common in central MN where I was from, but since I have been in coastal GA I have seen maybe one 22 and a Pony in all the years.

Nice score by the way. You are well equipped to pick up at a drop of a hat I see!
You are correct Eric, that is a 30GR. 162 cubic inch. 1950 model. She's still pretty ugly though....
Wedell was so much fun reading that ,you made it so interest .I had to read it one more time just for the fun of it .Thanks .I believe that tractor has found a good home .

What a terriffic story and find!!!!

I love it! I'm partial to those 30's ;)
Nice find there, hard to beat one ya can drive off the trailer ;)

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder :lol:
No such thing as an ugly MH, she was just waiting to be loved....will watch her progress with interest
Nice find!!!! Got ambitious this afternoon and decided to fire up my 1954 33MH. Hadnt had it running since put it in the shed shortly after I bought it about 5 yrs ago!!! Put some gas in it, fixed fuel line, fresh gas and battery and she fired up!!!! Will air up tires and get it out hopefully tomorrow! Will try and get my 30 out too, refurbed it bout 4yrs, along with the 1938 101!!!
Another good find. I'd park her beside the H you never know what you might find next.
Super pic 22, thanks for posting , look forward to pics of the others :D
Very nice looking Thanks for sharing

22massey said:
This is my 1951 massey 30.
I have to admit, yours is quite a bit more fetching than mine at the moment... :D :D

Gordon, I think I'll take your advice and see what happens....they're BOTH red and needing some TLC....We could be surprised :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you, MissBetty, I make those comments just because I know you enjoy them so much !!!! :D :D
Your Masseys have waaaay too much paint on them for me! :lol: Here's ours
MH30 wide front

MH20 with original cults

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If paint and materials keep going up my painting days are getting limited and theres something genuine about originality too. My 33 and 101 are still that way and may very well stay that way, certainly nothing wrong with that!!!!
Cute as socks on a rooster....ain't it? I would have brought it home too.

Cute as socks on a rooster....ain't it? I would have brought it home too.

Yessir, she is soooo ugly she's cute !!!

22massey, those are some fine looking machines...and you are right about the cost of prep and paint materials, it does make you think about leaving a straight tractor in their work clothes instead of Sunday dress.
Are you interested in a rare Massey?
Dad had a 1955 Massey Harris 33 Diesel. I have been told that there were less than 50 of that model made. It will be sold at an estate auction on 7/28 in altamont KS.
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