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Up at the inlaws in SW VA for a week. Did an oil change and took my SC for a spin, making a sharp left I caught a weed covered ditch and the fronts went in. Now the drag link had a few bends in it before but it got twisted. It was dark and I thought I'd blown a tire in front, steered REAL hard. THe next AM I saw why, it was rubbing the loader frame. It looked worse than the pic shows, bends in two directions.

An hour or two in the vice with a torch, think it's straight now?

Then I made a gravel plate for the manure bucket- much more useful now. The plate of 1/4 (37"x17") cost me $37 cut at a local place. In Savannah they won't sell less than a 4x8 sheet! Made some tabs of 1"x1/8" to hold it on.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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