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product review: gloves

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every now and then I come across a product that actually works decent enough to post about.

at walmart I found a thin pair of gloves called 'gorilla gloves' they are 4.97$ I believe.

they are a thin nylon shell, and form fit very well. come in m,l, and xl i believe.

palm, and most of the sides, palm side and tip o the 2nd knuckle on the back of the hand of the fingers are layered in a thin non laytex rubber. witht he rest of the upper back of the fingers, and the back of the hand unsealed. has a form fitting cuff that travels the wrist a couple inches.

fits good, decently cheap.. good grip.. easy to put on.. and while not all around liquid proof.. the palm and upper fingers are 'mostly' protected.. though there is an open pore or two sometimes.

i usedt o use my mechanix gloves exclusively for all non oily stuff.. but wear them out at a good clip sometimes.. this 5$ glove makes a good go between.. especially for a slightly lighter task...

I tried wearing them when walking the other morning when it was 39' they keep the hands very warm.. and are not clumsy like some gloves. you can , for instance, use a cell phone with them.. or small tools.. etc.

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Thanks for the info. I'll have to look for them the next time I'm at Wally World. It's hard to find gloves the fit AND feel comfortable.
Thanks for the review. Would you by chance be able to post a picture of them. Sure would make it easier to find in the store.
i'll have to pry the camera out of the wifes hands for that. :)

I found them in the tool section though.

here's a link to bing on the internet... gorilla grip ... &FORM=HURE
The company I worked for started issuing those to us in a safty kit, a few years before I retired.
I agree they are good work gloves. Easy to use when working with small parts. Good tough coating.
Don't have to take them off to pick a washer up off the floor. ;)
yep.. that's the only downside to heavier gloves.. loss of manual dexterity...
Saw those gloves Chris ,when I was looking for the
Thinsulated ones at Wall Mart. Looks like they would
to me.
Thanks Chris. That picture will do. I'll have to check em out.
I use them at work sometimes. Only downside I have found is in the summer, my hands sweat a little where the coating is, and where the cuff is. I've been on the same pair for like 2 years now, but I very seldom wear them, maybe once every other month. I do like the fact I can come right back to the computer and check something without having to take them off.
I have a pair similar to yours. They do work well in situations where better dexterity is required. Thanks for the review.
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