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Proper Chain size?

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Is 3/8" chain (70 grade) sufficient to tie down a 3500 lb tractor for hauling or should one go up to 1/2". If you guys were buying new chain binders would you prefer the lever type or ratchet? This is all new to me so need some good info. Thanks
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1/2 inch chain is always a good choice.
as for the binders?? We use both lever for lighter tractors and ratcheting for heavy tractors. Ratcheting will get real tight ;)
We use lever type and have been using 3/8" on ours. Some are 5000 lb. + With the loader we use a chain up front and in back and a strap on the bucket.
Its not the size, its the strength of the chain. I use ratchet binders, since thats all I have, on everything from my Cub to my Ms, so its a personal choice on the binders, which ever works best for you. Only thing I use a strap on is my lawnmower and golfcart.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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