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PTO cover!

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Fellow Member Frank Caswell sold us this PTO cover for our new H and I think it will match the rest of the tractors work clothes so well! BTW I never knew there were different types of PTO's.....Harold's H has a short PTO and its a 1941.....What did IH change? and Why?

Cant wait to get up there and put it on :)
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The early H's had the small PTO like the A's and B's, yours has the bigger one. Many were changed over....James
Industry standard was 1 1/8, then it it was changed to 1 3/8. That would have been the first change. Second change, why, heck I dont know really. I do know if the seal leaks, its a heck of lot easier to change. I know it also requires some changed in the transmission, depending on what youre going to.
Glad you got it. Looks like it should match pretty good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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