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Purchased-1953 Super MD

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On the 20th of august I bought a super MD. It was the 20th super MD that rolled off the line in October of '53. Bought it in pieces and I think I have a pretty good handle on what I'm missing. The good thing is I can put my MD and the 400 right beside it to figure out how the thing goes back together. It was a started restoration so the whole thing is sandblasted and has a light coat of primer. The parts that aren't on the tractor were acid dipped and at least primed (except for the manifolds and the starter/generator). It's nice to be working with clean tractor. The plan is to restore the thing from top to bottom. Looking at 4 grand in the engine at least, and probably another thousand before hit tires. I bought it for 2200. Came with an extra PTO unit, belt pulley guard and a good head. Also looking at a 450 Diesel right now, so I'm working on the series if I feel like I can afford the 2400 he's asking.

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Looks like a jigsaw puzzle!!!!! But thats how mine all look too :lol:
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