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quality parts.

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ok i know this is goin to turn into a rant. where in the world can we get quality repacment parts for our old tractors? if ya go get a new starter button say for an old farmall or massey, you put it on and 3 weeks later there junk. voltage regulaters same thing. oh my fav is fuel bowls, within a few months they leak, same with carb kits. im sick of buyin cheap made in mexico junk. when i go to the auto parts store i get a choice in quality and price, why dont tractor parts supplyers do this too? i would much rather pay $30 for a starter button that will last vs $18 for junk.
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i think your not the only one wizzard in that boat .
i get to by the parts at work for the trucks .
there is lots of junk out there .
can be hard to find good stuff .
find the mexico stuff better than china stuff .
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