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for grying items that you want golden brown.. especially shrimp and thin meats that cook fast.

flour, water, egg, milk, plain corn flakes

put your flour in 1 bowl... salt and peper to taste.

put 1 small bowl of water out.

in another bowl, beat a couple eggs and add a tablespoon of milk.. almos tlike making an omelette.. just not as much milk.

take the corn flakes and pulverize in a food processor.. or the old fashion way inthe bag with hand or mallet. :)

take (shrimp for example ).. cleaned and butterflied.. or whatever.. thin meats..e tc..

dip in water.. then roll in flour.. then dunk in egg wash.. then into powdered corn flakes.



instant powdered pancake batter can be mixed up and makes a good QUICK batterr dip.
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