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I was in a little accident yesterday. I left the school parking lot and my left tierod snapped. I did not know it happened. Needless to say the wheel kicked in and sent me into a telephone pole. The truck is totaled. Frame is bent and airbags are deployed. I walked out of the truck and fractureed a growth plate, a concussion, sprained back and some head trauma. I am thanking the lord that I'm alive! I was wearing a seatbelt and was not speeding.
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Glad to hear you will be OK. Sorry for your truck but they can be replaced. Still sounds like you'll be a while healing up. Hope nothing that won't heal. Take care.

Good gracious! Thank the Lord for his protection! It could have been so much worse, as you well understand.

I had the same thing happen to me traveling down the interstate about 65mph in the left lane. Fortuantely I was in a straight stretch and the truck veered off into the wide grassy median, gradually plowing up enough dirt to come to stop on it's own without hurting anyone or anything.

Take care of yourself and keep us updated on your recovery!
Accidents like yours happen when we least expect them to. Praise the Lord you are OK and on the mend.You can always replace a truck.
man glad you are alright that could have been whole lot worse
Glad your ok
petra79 said:
4020 forever said:
158k miles
Lotsa life left in that one.
Not so much!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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