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This will be part 1 of the series on tobacco.If anyone else has tobacco pics please add them to this post.I get a lot of questions about tobacco when I travel.The pics are from random years.
Here is a pic of a tobacco plant bed.The seed is small and you measure it by the teaspoon.We mixed it with sand and sowed with a yard seeder.Now a days plants are mainly raised on a floating bed of water in a greenhouse.

My son Breaking the tobacco patch with a 730 lp and 3-12 Case plow.My oldest is 14 or 15 in this 2003 or 2004 pic

Another year but same boy/plow

Putting lime or fertilizer on with the 130 farmall

Working tobacco ground with dads new 5000 and # 37 IH disc with a Case spike tooth harrow. I am 11 years old.

The Case 311b and transplanter dads driving,big brother on the left.I drove the tractor when dad had to go to work.

Filling the water tanks.

Putting furrows in to drain surface water when it rains.Tobacco will drown or scald very easy without proper drainage.I am a high school senior in this pic.

Discing up plant bed after crop is well on it's way circa 1996,my youngest is 6 and I have a string on the coil wire while he's driving in low at idle.

Case VAS cultivating tobacco.

1953 DC with footclutch cultivating

Tires to make a smooth berm that does not wash like a furrow left by a shovel.Case design works well for tire mounting as the tires are lifted off the ground instead of dragging behind our Farmall,making backing impossible without getting off tractor and hanging tires on shanks

Side dressing nitrogen with 1953 DC Case

Shop built boom sray on 1190 Case

That all I have time for-To be continued.................

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Great photos Nick, Sometimes I miss not raising tobacco, sometimes I don't. ;)

We ran across a few big fields of tobacco while on Caseman's Fun Run. I snapped these photos while we were stopped.

They must have finished setting and left just before we got there, as the plants still had wet spots around them.

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Great pictures Nick I raise tobacco till I was 30 years old and then quit farming-takes me back in time.. ;)

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Thank you so much for posting this, I know that dad has some pictures on his computer at his house, I hope he will post them. It's awesome that you all captured these when you did. Just as I became old enough to appreciate this for what it was, the buyout set in... I often miss it... but then there are times like BigDave - that I don't think I mind it as much either... ;)

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I miss growing it, working with folks, mostly neighbors, and hearing their stories over and over about their special tobacco farming memories. I do not at one bit miss all the junk, governmental and company stuff, that I had to put up with especially the last few years I grew it.
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