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Rear Tires

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Holy cow, I was just researching some Carlisle Tru-Power rear tires for a 1968 JD 110 that my son and I are restoring. OUCH!!!!!! $93.00 ea

I pulled all 4 wheels off tonight and will be taking them to work tomorrow to sand blast in prep for new paint, after hrs use of our sand blaster is authorized and is awesome. We have already got the engine rebuilt and now it's on to the beautification part. It will be my first attempt at painting. I'm in no hurry!!
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Tires are the big issue for me when looking at a tractor now. Had to replace all 4 tires on the cub we did last year and the bill was $700 and change. We did buy American made tires and that made the price a little higher. Priced tires for my 2510 and they were $850 each, 15.5x38, that did include mounting if I took the tractor there. New tires for your 110 will add a lot to the value of your machine. Good luck with your project and hope to see some pictures as you get time.....mike
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