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Rember This Rooster

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This is my Ohiki Rooster and I x him with a bb red oeg hen

here is the x I got (Tom)

and here is his half brother(Jerry)
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Very handsome lookin' birds Jr. ;)
What breed are the hens behind Jerry ?
JJ they are bb red old english game bantys going breed him back to them now.. ;)
Thanks, thought they looked like OEG, I somehow managed to get 2 of them in the last batch of chickens I bought
up at the ranch, I ordered 25 Barred Rock pullets, got 28 BR pullets, 2 BR roosters and the 2 OEG , sadly the OEG
didn't live long, both went off their legs 1 at 6months the other at 10months ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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