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Replacing Steering Column on Ford 3400

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Hello, what is the best approach to replacement of the steering column on a 3400?? I have a parts tractor with a good column and my working tractor has one that leaks up under the steering wheel. Ford buddy told me the seal was bad and a real bugger to replace so I’m looking at switching the entire column. Thoughts?????Thanks!
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I'm not sure about the 3400 but if anything like the early models, just unbolt the 4 bolts from the top of the case and switch them out.

Kirk I hope its that easy. Looks like just 4 bolts but was wondering what was under there :?: . Nothing like a new adventure. Thanks
Probably be looking at your input shaft.
Here is a shot of a jubilee but instead of an input shaft you see the top of the sherman trans.
If you want to send me some photos from both sides I let you know what I think. Soundguy knows the later models better than me and may chime in.

My email is open [email protected]
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