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Rescued my sons B but need help

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Well I rescued my sons AC " B ". He had assembled it from 2 parts tractors and had it pretty much put back together when he passed away. I rescued it and 2 other tractors before they went to scrap. I installed a new wiring harness, new ignition system, and started finishing installling some other parts. The little B is now running pretty good. The B needs a little sheet metal and sheetmetal work, and it has a slight growl in the tranny but the Hydraulics needs help, and that is where I NEED HELP.
With no load or little load I can get the hydraulic cylinder to extend but I cannot get it to release except it will slowly drift back down. I mounted a plow I had around here and it will pick it up but just barely. again not able to lower it. What am I to expect when I pull the pump down? Do' s and Don'ts. I also need new linkage rods as what he had is broke or missing. Anyone have any lying around? I'm trying to get this going ASAP for a Memorial Plow Day in May for him, so I need all the help I can get and Quick. Unfortunately It will still be in its rough work cloths the first part of this year. Does this sound like stuck dirty valves or do I need to try and replace the pump? Are there rebuild kits still avaliable? What do I do, open to suggestions.
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I think I will pull the pump when I get home tomorrow nite and just investigate if its wear or corrosion. I hate to do it but to get the tractor operating for the memorial plow day I will pull the pump on my finished C if I cant get it repaired or get parts in time. (Hate to sacrifice at finished tractor but considering why the B will be at that show)
Put a guage on the pump and will go up to 2100 then pypass squeels. when move valve in the release position the plow would not drop but would slowly drop. Pulled the pump off my C and all worked well.Relief squeels at 2900 on this pump. Will use as is for this weekend, plow days move up to next weekend. I noticed that all that was holding front end on tractor was a 16d nail in the front bolster, got pins and 7/8" nut installed , now feel safe driving it around. still need things to finish on tractor but have it done enough that his friends will be able to celebrate his efforts.
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