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Robbs hunting dog.

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My brother wanted a hunting dog, as fate would have it he went to the Wexford county humane animal shelter. They told him they didn't have the type of dog he was looking for but to leave his phone number and they would call him when one came in.
He didn't even have time to make it home when they called and said they had forgotten about one they had at a foster home.
My brother called and got directions to go see the dog.
It was at a preachers home and was glad to see my brother as he said the dog would get the chain tangled up and start a ruckus barking.
She was a white speckled Springer Spaniel with a big black strip down the middle of her back. My brother liked what he saw so he loaded her up in his 1972 (the small one) Bronco took her into town and did the paper work. Once he got her home he let her out of the Bronco, she started smelling around the place so brother went inside to tell every one to come see his dog. We all went out and the dog was missing and wasn?t coming to the calls of here dog.
I jumped on my dirt bike and started riding the fields and pastures then the road I finally found her just down the road a little bit, picked her up and gave her a ride back home. She enjoyed riding on the dirt bike and the snowmobiles a bit latter.
My brother named her skunk. She is the best dog I have ever had the chance to hunt behind. Many would not care for her because she was a hunting dog not a bird dog or a rabbit dog or a squirrel dog.
Deer season came and went. I was going to college so didn?t have much time to hunt at all. My brother every day would load that dog up and go hunting . I have seen her with balls of snow attached to her chest she could hardly walk let alone run. Brother would lay her on a old hunk of carpet in front of the wood burner to get those balls melted off.
Now is the part that my brother having a Bronco comes in. One morning I was off school so brother and I decided we would go do some snow shoe hunting at a 3 year old clear cut project on state land.. That brat dog growled when I went to set in the right front seat of the Bronco, that was her seat and wasn?t going to allow me to set in it. Brother finally got her in the back seat and made her behave.
We got around six of those big old snow shoe rabbits. I could hardly believe it when I saw her retrieving one we had shot. Dogs only retrieve birds right.
Another time after we had went back to work from a lay off we went partridge hunting with my dad one week end. One of us had shot a pat and the dog went and got it. She brought it to me. My dad said, Isn?t that some thing. I feed her twice a day now you guys are at work Robb owns her and has hunted a bunch alone with her and she brings the birds bad to Al.

One year we were living on my uncles farm in the UPPER during a lay off while they went of a vacation and visited their out of state kids. We got skunk one morning and rode the snow mobile to the back of the uncles farm where the cedar swamp was . Nearing the noon hour we decided to work our way back to the snowmobiles and go up to lunch. My brother got a bit behind with skunk as I got to the sleds. I was standing there when my brother shot then yelled he had missed and skunk was bringing it to me. As it crossed the open area I fired and decided I had missed too. Skunk went charging by me before I had time to even think about catching her. I started calling her back then my brother chimed in once he got to me. We had about decided to leave one of our coats there and go for lunch, water the cattle and come back for her when we saw her coming thru the cedars. Some thing looked wrong at first but soon we saw she had a snow shoe rabbit . Latter that day when we cleaned them we found one BB in that rabbit.

Skunk got really old and lived the rest of her life at ease on a old rug in the family room next to the fire in the winter. She would still get real excited when we brought out a gun or one of our hunting coats. Then one morning she wasn't hunting with us any longer she is waiting for us to join her a the hunting grounds some day.

:D Al
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Thanks Smitty, Robb is my brother. I am working with my own pound pup a Shir Pei Mix I got about a month ago. She is my forth pound pup and a smart girl. I like the fact of the unconditional love they give you. No matter how much you scold them they will be wagging tail next time you call her. I bet yours are fun to be with and really some thing special when they give warning about rattle snakes.

Lily with puppy stranglation pimples around her mouth and left eye.

She out grew the harness I bought for her in two weeks.

She pretty much house broke her self, knows sit, stay and the command to go to bed. Still working on down and working with the leash.

This is Daisy a Visula mix we rescuded from a pound in Ohio almost 13 years ago. She died in her sleep two months ago at age 12.5. She was a good pup and a little smarty.

This is Bosco the springer mix and Jewel a shir pei yellow lab mix. I had to put Jewel down June 2012 after she had a stroke and couldn't move her legs, she was 12.
Bosco was a good boy too and smart. I had to put him down in July 2012 with cancer thru out his body. He was 13.

:D Al

:D Al
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Thanks Simitty. Some people say I like dogs better than I do people. Well DA!!!!!! never had a dog lie to me, cheat me or steal from me. Always glad to see me and some so happy they wag their whole body not just their tail. Never have some thing else to do ready to be with you on a moments notice and never back out of a planed oputting.

If you need help posting pictures PM me and I'll walk you thru it.

:D Al
Smitty I don't know about any problems with photo bucket. Give shutterfly a try.Or image shack.
We try to keep over 100 colonies of bees in two counties. summer 2012 we had a bad drought and lost many colonies, rebuilding this year went slow do to to much rain.
Rain washes the necter out of most flowers and it takes 3 days to come back good again. on the 3d day we would get more rain, a never ending circle.

A image shack picture of a swarm of bees.

I don't want a dog around unless they will lay still and retrieve when squirrel hunting. these days I like to go in the woods and take a seat on the sunny side of a tree and wait for the squirrels to get active again and pop them with a 22lr hp. Take a couple then move on to another area not cleaning an area totally out. Takeing naps in the sun shine is allowed.

An image shack picture.

:D Al
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