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Roto Baler

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Our D272 and Roto baler in action at the local rally


The outfit created a lot of interest, as these type of balers are very rare here.
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The original round baler, another A-C first, and that one seems in really good condition. :D
They never were popular around my area either. I've never seen one in person, or for sale locally.
I do remember seeing the little round bales in a field once somewhere from the car in my youth.
I would like to find one close to buy just for antique demonstration days. ;)
Thanks for the photos I enjoyed them.
Do you know what year it is It looks alot like one my great Uncle had back in the late 50's early 60's.
Only one I had ever seen.
While never very popular I have seen a few. As I recall one of the drawbacks was that the tractor had to be stopped to eject the bale. One farmer not far from here used a JD A for power which meant he also had to take the tractor out of gear. Add to that that most farmers preferred to pull a wagon behind the baler and the round bales were difficult to handle in the haymow. That last is why a neighbor used one one season then bought a square baler. Several years back there was 3 or 4 sitting in a field not far from here but probably all scrapped by now.

Anyway a very nice looking AC baler. Vern
Friend of mine has 3 of them. 2 are operational and 1 is a parts unit. He still uses them. Doesn't do a huge amount but does give them a working. I still want to see him run it. We're usually not out by him when its time.
Thanks for the pictures Sir.
Did you let the spectators load the bales on the wagon. That's when the fun would have started if they have never handled an AC roto bale before
Very nice example of the baler! Thanks for posting the pictures.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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