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Running issue, Help!

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The John Deere was running great until this weekend.....its a 1947 A for reference and runs good until I open the throttle wide cuts out and starts black smoking. I have leaned out the carb and still have the same issue....when I hit bumps it cuts out and starts smoking black and clears out after it settles down. Does this sound like a float level issue or what else???? We got it painted and pretty and my little was enjoying a ride when this happened.....hard starting after that too.
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Derick, of course you can dismantle your carb. Black smoke shows you have too much fuel or too little air. Air is easiest to check so start there. Make sure that the choke is staying off, not by looking at the linkage but take off the intake and look at the choke butterfly. Fiddle with it and see if it is being held open or could it flutter closed. Start it and watch. Go through the entire air intake system looking for any possible blockage. No critters?
If you decide to dismantle the carb you will need the correct tools, those that fit properly. The trick is to look . Then look again. If you need a diagram or pictures, make one, make lots. Remember that you are trying to locate a fault so look closely at everything as you dismantle. Use a magnifying glass if necessary.
For a jet to cause your problem it would need to have fallen out.
The other possibility is that there is an air bleed blocked but they are big holes and easy to check.
Only after a thorough inspection can you blow out all the orifices, clean the parts, blow it out again, and reassemble.
You'll be fine.

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