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rust breaker

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try this next time.

mix atf +( kerosene or diesel or mineral spirits or turpentine ) + naptha.

this gets you a good oil base with detergents ( atf ) + a good petro based solvent ( kero...etc ), plus a reducer like naptha that is very light, flashes off fast.. but not as fast as acetone, is kinder to rubber and plastic than acetone, will creep with good capilary action as well.. less skin and healt risks than acetone. can be considered a mild lubricant as well.

for kicks you can add in some parrafin lamp oil for more lube qualities.

That's the mix I use.. so far.. is better than PB oil on everything I've tried.

makes a good quench too, without the flash fire hazards of acetone. IE.. heat a part, then quench with this mix in a spary bottle.. quenching helps break rust bonds by metal contraction.. plus as it cools, it wicks the fluid into the joint.

( ps.. on a stubborn joint, I've heated them and used plain candle wax on them.. it wicks in good, and when cool, acts like a heavy lube.. )

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I've gotta friend with a John Deere B that has a stuck wheel. It's never been taken off the tractor since it was new. He's tried everything but heating it so I'll give him this formula for him to see if it helps.
Haven't got to see him yet. It is one of the back wheels. Said it won't break loose and slide in on the axle. He's drove it around with it loosened up with no results. The wheels are slid all the way out and it won't fit on his trailer :(. I'm hoping to see him this week.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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