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?'s about the 1939 Hand Crank A 's

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There maybe a 39 "A " close to me that could go up for sale. I was just wondering if they were kind of an odd ball to find. I 'm not sure if I would use the word "rare " but you know what I mean.
What would one go for? I know this one runs good and it not chopped up in anyway with decent rubber.
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i agree.. base price on condition.

I got a running, complete C for 800$.. needed oil seals bad and a battery.. but hand cranked ok!
if it was minty, original, and low sn.. and maybee had a oe bill of sale or other specialty thing.. like a expirmental tad on it.. then yeah.. it would have collector value... past that.. might be a good cheap worker for cultivating.. etc..
which reminds me.. I need to drag the C out and drag the processed horse feed clumps off the pasture... :)
i'm sure the shinola on the pasture boots is shi.. er stuff.. :)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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