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Sampson 1938 RC CASE

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Take your shoes off sit back get a glass of milk and some cookies....I am 73 years old I have a lot to tell....(My Buddy (case38man)is 70)That's CASE38MAN standing by my tire..That's his POP sitting on me..This was CASE38MAN first show 1971..

I was born in the late fall of 1938 in Rock Island, Illinois at the CASE plant.....They named me RC....I was loaded on a rail car and shipped to a dealer(LEMONS BROTHERS) Cynthiana, Kentucky....In the spring of 1939 two brothers(JIM & JOE KEARNS) bought me and I went to live on their big river bottom farm....There was no other tractors on this farm or close by....Jim who did most of the driveing nick name me "SAMPSON" and he only drove me at 1/2 thottle....I had all the work to do plowing(2-12 trailor) disking(7 foot) mowing (7 foot) and cultivating (2 rows)....When hay season I powered the baler off of my pulley wheel....In 1946 my owners needed help setting tobacco so a neighbor(FRAZIER DAILEY AND HIS 5 YEAR OLD SON JR) came to help....Jr sat on his POP's lap and drove me down the long rows....In 1960 JIM & JOE were getting older so they rented their crops out to JR who was 19 years old now....Early one spring morning the barn door flew open and I was trying to think why JIM would be here so early but it was JR carrying five gallon of gas....He walked right up to me and checked my oil and then he gave me a big drink of gas and took hold of my crank,after 3 cranks I was ready to go....As soon as he got out the door he pulled my thottle wide open ,mercy I didn't know what to do -get with it or die....We plowed corn for 3 hours and he never let up on that thottle and really it was beginning to make me feel and run good....I never did much for the next 6 years....In the fall of 1966 (JIM & JOE) had a sale so they could retire and to tell you I was scared....I didn't look to good and I was afraid I would go to the scrap yard....JR came to help and when it was my time to be sold he tried to start me but I would not even try,so JR said sell it I know it will run.... When the bidding was over JR was now my new owner....After the sale he stuck that crank in my old WAUKESHA MOTOR and he said now come on "OLD SAMPSON" and 2 cranks and I was ready to go....He drove me 3 miles to town(CYNTHIANA) and to the INTERNATIONAL DEALER(HARRISON MOTORS) and he cut me off and went inside, I was scared he left me there.... Two days later they came and gave me a real hot bath MERCY I had never had any thing like that before.... The next day they put new paint (FLAMBEAU RED) on me and sat me in the show room....I was so proud so many people came and looked at me,finally JR came and took me home....There were newer tractors to do the heavy work ,but I raked all the hay and plowed all the corn and did all the feeding of the livestock....In 1969 Cynthiana had their 175th Anniversary and JR and I was in that parade....IN 1971 JR sold out his farming operation and all his other tractors he sold but I went with him....In 1971 Paris had their first tractor show and JR and I was at that also....To this day we (JR & OLD SAMPSON)are still doing shows and parades also two hay rides a year.... We have had several years together and hope there are several more.... to see when Caseman & Sampson Show will be.. E-MAIL JR ([email protected]) AND HE WILL TELL YOU MORE ABOUT THEM....

Kentucky State Fair 1998

click on link below for video
Old Sampson
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Love the story and all of the great family history!
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