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SC and VAC in the Garden

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I have been catching up on the garden the last few days.
Here are some pics of my 53 SC with a Case rotary hoe.I am busting the crust on my green beans and 2nd planting of sweet corn.

Here's the VAC-11 in the potatoes.This tractor came from Idaho.I think it has high altitude pistons as I cant hand crank it.The side dressing unit came from outside Dubuque,Iowa,the cultivators came from my uncles VAC-12.

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I really enjoyed the pictures Nick. I wish you would take pictures every time you take them out I love to see them being used. Looks like the SC is proving out pretty good. I would love to find a set of those cultivators and side dresser for the Vac. That grill screens nice to. Grandpa never was afraid of bushes so his didn't fare so well. Sometime if you get a chance I wish you would post some pics of your Eagle Hitch equipment it seems every time you post a pic you are using something different. I would love to find some of the equipment but there never was much around here to start with and even less now. Thanks again.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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