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SC Governor

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Got a friend that's working on an SC and it seems like something's up with the gov. You can hold the linkage at the carb and make it run through the RPM's. As soon as you let go it runs it up to full throttle almost like the gov's sticking. Does it sound like something is stuck or does it need adjusted? I can't believe that somebody would run it like that before, but you never know. I always err on the side of assuming it was right and not mess with adjustments. I'm not too familiar with case's. TIA
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First I would check for binding linkage. If everything's moving as it should, see if it has an original looking spring, it will be a large diameter coil spring with I believe 4 or 5 coils. If that's al okay then I would remove the governor from the tractor and inspect the thrust bearing and weights, if the ball bearing came apart it will get stuck wide open.
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