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School Me please

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As many of you know I buy and part out alot of tractors, mostly IH and Ford. There is going to be a HUGE JD auction near me and when i can get ahold of JD stuff it sells great but i dont know anything about it. So i have some questions...

What is the difference between a styled and unstyled A and B? Will the parts interchange?

What are the A, B, H, G comparable in size to in the farmall family?

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Styled has extended sheetmetal to make it look more sleek. Note especially the grill around the steering mechanism.

Parts should interchange about like anything other model that have been around awhile. Some parts will, some won't. A models 1938 and 1939 were mechanically same as the unstyled years. After that there were minor changes in transmission and transmission in 1940. 1947 brought more changes in frame, electric start, battery location and other changes evolved over the years. The B series had an immediate change in engine and transmission and other changes were made through the years.

The other models followed similar changes. Not really different than any other manufacturer.

A - 25 hp
B - 16 hp
C - 20 hp
D - 27 hp
D - 42 hp two speed & three speed
G - 35.9 hp
GP - 20 hp
Y, 62, & L - 10.42 hp

A - 29.59 hp
B - 18.53 early, 23.53 hp late
D - 42 hp
G - 38.10 hp
H - 14.84 hp
(Data from The Field Guide to John Deere Tractors, Don Macmillan)

Styled B

Unstyled B

Images by F-I-T
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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