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Scored again at the U-Pull-it

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Took my 'Intern' Bill on a little hunting trip at the local U-pull-it boneyard to hunt up some parts for some ongoing projects. We spotting a late '41 9n that had just come in. I was looking for hundred series parts but when Bill went on the other side of the tractor and said "HEY IT'S GOT A SHERMAN!' I said your kidding and he said I'm not. Exspenting to see a step up to my surprise it was a combo. Even with a loader on the tractor we made quick work of splitting that tractor and getter the sherman out. We also got a bunch of other parts off it. They usually get $60 for an auto /truck trans. The guy looked at it and charged me $35. for it. Who sez there's no deals out there. I know it was the Right place Right time but you always got to be looking.
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:shock: :shock: :shock: and I've been accused of stealilng things :lol: :lol: Great deal Kirk. Bet you were shakin all the way home with that one..
Give you a great feeling when you know you got a great deal . Good for you.

pretty darn nice find!
Did ya show :lol: ;) them your gun while negotating the price?
Wow. Did you ask him how much for the whole thing?
I probably could have left it in the tranny and pull the whole trans and they would have charged me $60. But didn't really need another 9n trans laying around. Plus the sherman is a lot lighter to load by hand in the back of the truck.

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