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Scrap Yard Save

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I was over at a friend's house the other day when his cousin rolled in with another load of scrap. On the trailer was a CASE DC, LA and a MM UTU. The LA had no head, rockers, hood, block split real bad, rims and tires junk, radiator busted, not really anything usable. The UTU was a rotten stuck basket case. The DC however, was a 1940. The D series came out in 1939. The first ones were converted from C/CC tractors. They had a CC rear end and wheels, double spoke steering wheel, brand new D engine with 4 ring pistons and pressure oiling to the head, hand throttle on the steering column, headlights on the fenders, base mount magneto, and the platform was up high as was the seat. It also has two sets of brake pedals on each side. It also sports the "motor lift" that they had for the CC also that worked like a plow clutch for lifting mounted attachments. Also, the spark plugs go straight in the head instead of angled, another thing from it's C heritage. This one is stuck, rear end is in decent shape, it rolls, and all the odd ball parts are there except for one brake pedal but it's flat iron and the same as the other side. I believe this is the 8th DC made in 1940. The block and serial numbers match. It's also stamped "HCP" for high compression pistons. Odd to see something 72 years old that wasn't an all fuel. Still waiting for confirmation from CNH records department. Can't understand why people are so quick to scrap everything and haul it away. In the last few years with china going at 250% they have ate up a lot of our antique machinery. Sad but true. This one is safe and sound here. I don't have any immediate plans for it but at least here it can sit in the back shed out of the weather until I can collect everything needed to put it back together and running. I even have the chrome strips for the hood. Here are a few pictures, more to follow as I get it up on decent tires. It joins the fleet with 2 Crossmotors, C, LA, VC, VAC, VAC, VAC, VAS, VAC-14, 400 diesel and a 1030. I've also got a friend with a 300 and 350 round nose he wants to move on but we are not close enough yet on a price. Someday though.

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Good save!!!! Im glad you got to save atleast one of the bunch

The heads on the UTU are going for $250 - $350 apiece here if there good.
Here's a few more pictures. We poured water in the UTU radiator and it ran out the spark plug holes, and the plugs were missing. I tried to buy the LA trans but it was worth a lot more in scrap than what I wanted to pay. Also made another front rim for the DC today, cut the center out of broken 4.5-16 rims.

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Nice save Jim!!!!
Looks a lot better than the 1942 that I saved.Here's a pic of it.

Thanks for posting;
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Nice save on the DC . I tried to buy a 39 a few years ago it was early , it had the direct drive altner then the mag.
This one's supposed to have that but they cut the arm off and welded on a flange mount. Kindof a neat modification buy it's getting put back original.
Well, I just heard back from Rich Tworek at CNH. He says: According to the build sheet for the Case DC3 tractor #4402508 this unit was built on Feb 20, 1940. This tractor was shipped on 03/04/1940 to our Rockford plant and then reshipped to Arthur Johnson, Shirland, IL on 03/07/1940. I will have to wait for the build card to come in the mail for the final word. I did get the tractor back up on all 4's the other day thanks to some parts tractors who donated rims and tires for the rear!
Awesome!! It doesn't look too bad either.. I've seen worse!! :lol:
Nice tractor Mr. Case ;)
Glad you could save it. I guess i can say i saved my case as well. Was going the the scrapper the next day. Would have been a shame as it is in pretty good shape
Nice save! I would love if mine had the narrow front end, were I am you don't see those
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