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Yesterday Miss Joanne and I placed Easter flowers on the graves of our family members at the church I attended in my younger years. It is Moravian tradition along with a sunrise service when parishioners gather in fellowship hall and procede to the graveyard during the service and conclude it there.

In addition to the makeshift flower arrangements we made from plants on our farmstead, there were 2 to 3 dozen arrangements scattered across the graveyard. The picture below is from Easter 2019.

All local services were cancelled this Easter unless it could be held in a large parking lot, attendees remaining in cars, and empty parking spaces were on each side of a car.

As I get older I tell myself alot to be patient when dealing with some issues . That sense is highly needed during the current worldwide situation. Society will get through this, and hopefully it will make us much wiser. Our dependence upon others across the globe has contributed greatly to this problem. Some feelings will be hurt along the way, but seeking wisdom from a Higher Authority is warranted.

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Our church services in KY were ordered cancelled unless the six foot distance could be guaranteed
At least one church I know of used a drive-in theater.
Where everybody stayed in their cars and a parking space was left between each car.
A handful of churches decided to disobey the order.
I understand the need for religious custom, ceremony, and tradition as well as anyone,
but there has to be reason thrown in as well for the safety and well being of the community.
Car license numbers were recorded , and those who attended have been ordered to quarantine for fourteen days.
Still feels like I'm in a old B rated 1950s sci-fi movie.
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