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Sleigh riding With 430 case

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This is my 430 case that I bought back in the summer. I took out the gas engine and put in the diesel engine from the case uni-loader that I bought at the same time. That 188 diesel engine run pretty nice, started right up (30 degrees) with no help. No block heater, no manifold heater and no either.

Frazier likes the 430 too

With the snow little 430 gets a little work out
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Pics made me smile Richard to see you & Frazier having so much fun.
Nice pictures of fun in the snow with the 430! He will remember that the rest of his life!
Good deal Richard. Gotta be my favorite "Bodystyle" Case ever built.
I'm willin' to bet you're havin' just as much fun as Frazier. ;)
Great pics. Thanks for sharing :D :D
Looks like you did a good job on the swap. Glad you got to get it out and charge the battery through the winter and from the look on your sons face I bet it wont be the last time this winter either. :D
Looks good and Frazier will all ways remember those days..
That looks like great fun :D
better becareful guy was pulling his kids with truck and toboggan some dogooder called cops they charged him with dangerous operation of automobile and careless driving dont know all details as it flashed across screen on news channel l guess im lucky they wornt around when we were towing grandson around yard on his new pedal tractor with riding lawn mower
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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