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This is the frozen waterfall at Matthiessen State Park, Utica Illinois in the winter time
It was 2 years ago and when we went it was 6*below :eek:

This is last weekends pic Its alot different :lol:

This is St Louis Canyon Starved Rock State Park Utica Illinois

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Beautiful place. We had a waterfall at a bluff in the woods on the back of the place that I grew up. It looked a lot like that one does.
A spring about 100 yards back on the neighbors place fed it year 'round. It was a great place to go and cool down on a hot day. :D
Also, since the only running water in the house was the kitchen sink. It doubled for a shower when the weather was warm enough.
Sure beat a #2 washtub, and pouring water over your head with a pitcher. ;) I've also seen it frozen over like that one,
all the way to the head of the spring. Thanks for sparking some good memories. :cool:

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Very pretty places and probably crowed on a hot summer day :!:
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