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Sold & Shipped

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Sold these trio of Icelandic Chickens and shipped them to Faribault, Minnesota.. I shipped 4:00 pm May 15 and she is to get May 17..These are rare chickens.. Good luck Barb..
[attachment=1:3dma62ry]Chickens sold Icelandic 001.jpg[/attachment:3dma62ry]
[attachment=0:3dma62ry]Chickens sold Icelandic 002.jpg[/attachment:3dma62ry]
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Jr . Hope they do fine traveling

I got this e-mail from her today
(I picked them up at the PO at 7am. All three are doing great ~ drinking and eating. Their watermelon was down to the rine so they really enjoyed/needed it during their trip. They are just beautiful!

Thanks so much for all the work in getting them to me.

Oh Jr the watermellow feed & water them during that time. Glad to know ,didn't really know what you would do about that.

sold 15 black wyandottes this am ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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