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gordon1121 said:
It had the diamond front axel like the industrials but the first one I ever saw. John M knows a lot more about them and would probably know for sure. It was a slick looking tractor though.
Thanks for the compliment, but this one is beyond me. I am thinking though, and based on what Ive seen so far, high cropped 140s, and others Im sure, all had the heavy duty front end like that, and if its "new" enough, it could be badged as Interantional, rather than Farmall. Color could be bought, or just restorer preference. Without more info, that you probably wouldnt have, I couldnt verify anything. But I have heard of at least a couple of towns that used high crop tractors for mowing roadsides, so its very, very possible this one was used for that purpose. Heck, Ive heard of at least 1 railroad company that used high crop tractors for mowing near the tracks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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