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Some tractors at Renfro Sat

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Some tractors at a show Sat.

I didn't get a picture from the front of this one but I had never seen one with the brakes behind the axle before.

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My UTU has 3 brake pedals like that.
The gtb I pull with has only 2 and they are on the left.
Nice pics!!!!!!!
Thanks. I thought it was a pretty slick setup the guy that had the tractor said some had the brakes on the right side.
Nice pictures! My ZAU has 2 brake pedals on the left, my ZTU had 3 brake pedals, one on either side for that brake and one extra for applying both brakes at once! I'll have to look at the UTS but I think it only has 2.
There are no M-M's anywhere around this part of the country Gordon, well an occasional one will show they are mostly new to me. However, that 88 Ollie in the top photo made me drool.
I have seen both the Useries and the Gseries with either 2 or three pedals. If i remember correctly this was an option through out the production of the letter series. 2 brakes on the right side had a brake lock lever that was used when the tractors were in road gear.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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