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Spark question

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Got the old 560 fired up today after it setting for a couple years. Checked points(cleaned), wires, and so on. After it started it had a bad miss. Started pulling plug wires. Cyl 2 and 5 weren't firing right. Replaced the 2 plugs and it straightened out. So now the big question,......... when you pull the plug wire off just a short distance, enough to get it to arc on a missfiring plug, and the engine smooths out, .....put it back on the plug and it misses again........ can someone explain why
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Peacher79 said:
I'll give you my 2 cents. The coil will only put out what is asked of it. When you pull the plug wire off, you are making the the coil work harder. It produces more a intense spark.
So if I understand this, the stronger spark forces it way through whatever is shorting the plug out? (plugs were clean so it had to been something inside the plug)
Many many thanks. You explained pretty close. I'm gonna have to go now and see what the number is on them. Again...MANY THANKS sir. :D :D
Let me throw a twist on this now. What about a mag? Is it going to act ther same as a coil and point when it comes to holding the wire away?
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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