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spliting cub engine

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Need help splitting a cub engine ") all stuff off bell houseing bolts off but engine isn't budgeing.What gives?This is a 1950 cub. a few ### after the demo.cub. THe I &T manual says it should just pull apart.Has any of you had this problem and any suggestion.
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Had that happen to me the other day just try to start with something thin to drive in between with a hammer till it get big enough for a pry bar but make sure you pry evenly on both sides

Or you might be like me one time I fought one and fought one then after about thirty to forty five minutes of getting mad I realized I forgot to take the steering wheel loose haha
Thanks The front(wheels and steering) are off.I have try a thin screw drive but no luck iit feels like there's another bolt that isn't off but have check and all bolts are off.
Has it been split recently or has it been a while if it's been a while could just be a lot of dirt grime grease build up and just needs some help coming apart
Take some paint scrapers and drive them between the torque tube and engine block. Then move up to screwdrivers and then pry bars. It's either the alignment pins or the clutch disc stuck to the inputshaft.
Ive only split 3 Cubs, all 3 were a little hard to pull apart, but the last one was the easiest because of a couple of things I learned on the first 2. Now you say the front end is off, you eed to make sure your pulling it straight away from the torque tube. assuming you have it supprted correctly, dont be afraid to get up to it and do some wiggling, its not just going to slide right out. I also have a few "putty Knifes" that i have broken trying to seperate it, so I started using scredrivers and pry bars. You can get on up in the lower section where the clutch is, and pry against the torque tube, just make sure youre not prying against anything that could be damaged, Oh you did take off the cover there, didnt you!
Thanks every one.will try all suggestions.The engine is lock up tractor has been outside storage for a long time.Yes John I have all the pans off.I belive it could be stuck at the spinds on the clutch spray koil at the linement pin and at the engine and bell houseing seams.Engine is so lock up I had to cut valve stems and springs to get leverage under the v'stems to remove the valves engine had antifreeze in the water jacket and rad. and n o antifreeze in the oil.So I'm happy there doesn't seem like any freeze brakes.
I've never pulled a tractor apart (but I'm sure my day is coming) But it seems to me with the rear end and torque tube supported, and blocked level there should be something to attach a come-along to on the engine (install eyebolt, wrap a sling around in choker, ect) and get tension on the engine and then drive something between the engine and torque tube. Once you do that hit it again with the Kroil and walk away for a cup of coffee. Return, re-tension the come-along, and try to shock it free with a dead blow hammer. (Note dead blow, not sledge hammer)
Thanks to all for the advice that was given.Try all advice but just wouldnt budge.So I removed the hyd.system install the longer bolts to the top of torque tube with a havy hammer I gave it a few good bows Knowest a movement not much but a slight movement enought to start a screw driver after that it was a cake walk :lol:

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