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Spokes on rubber?

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I love the looks of spoke wheels on rubber tires but I think I'll need to buy another tractor for it to be "correct". Does anybody know what the last year was that they were available as an option on the model "A" and the "G"?
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mY 39 "A" has round spokes. I think that is the last year or maybe 1940 also. No expert with the Deeres,but I believe when they went to the styled hoods (1939) the started to go away
johndeerefan said:
For the most part Jason is correct. But, there were a few war time tractors that had spokes. They are kinda rare though.

There is nothing like a 34-37 A with factory round spokes and new tires and fenders. I love em'.

Here is a pic of my buddy's 34 A he just finished adding the optional duals and motometer to.

I never saw duals for the round spokes!! :eek: SHARP JD there!! Thanks for sharing :D
:shock: You see something new every day!! Amazing!!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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