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Last year I purchased a 1946 Chevy truck to refurbish. It came from Kansas, and had been used on a farm for several years.

It has a squirrel cage on the driver's side that sits above the running board, and there's a vertical sliding 'trap door', of sorts, that provides access for something to travel from the bed to the squirrel cage. The squirrel cage is run from a PTO shaft, and that's about all that we know about it.

I've been told (by some older farmers in rural Indiana) that it could have been a chafing or threshing machine but, upon inspection, they ruled that out. My husband and I had decided it was something to do with getting feed to a large number of animals, and then I thought I'd pose the question to the Stovebolt group one last time. A gentleman said that it's a "seed broadcaster", and that "Planet Jr" and "Sears" used to make them. Someone else suggested that there would have been a hopper in the bed and, upon further inspection, I noticed a 1' x 3' area of the boards, directly behind the squirrel cage, had a slightly darker color of wood (as if something had sat there a while, and prevented that area from fading as much). There's no evidence of bolts or anything to attach something to the bed, but setting a tool box there doesn't make sense unless it was after they quit using the squirrel cage (because it would block feed/seed from leaving the bed into the squirrel cage).

Does anyone know for sure what a farmer in Kansas may have used this for? Thank you in advance!


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