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starter quit on me, need replacement info

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I am looking to either A get my starter rebuilt or checked and then reinstall it or is there a replacement starter you can use that has a sylinoid on it to use as a key start tractor or even install one on my current starter to make it a key start tractor? I can hand crank it for now and have been since it just decided to lock up on me and not budge, i have checked connection to the starter and through the saddle switch and ground but it turned over one minute and the next wouldn't hit a lick at all. not even attempt to hit a lick. thanks i thought there was something about it on the old board but i can't find it here now.
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You can get your old one rebuilt with a stud instead of the saddle switch. I can help you wire it up for the solenoid and key switch. I dont know which starter would repalce it with a solenoid built on/in to it.
Thanks John your previous wire diagram was absolutely awesome i got volunteered to rewire a couple more in the shed, I see where there is a few rebuilt on ebay with a stud and solenoid but i got a starter don't need another one just need mine to work. and figure out how or where to bolt a solenoid. and what type of solenoid to get . Thanks again john for the diagram and help going to take it to work with me tomorrow and clean it up go to see if that gets the motor running!! if it does i will need some help on the wiring of it. thanks
i would think any good starter shop should help you .
i have put power to the starter and hit with a hammer and got them working for a bit .
Tried the hammer, lol gonna clean all the brushes looks like a few connecting wires are worn mostly apart only a few strands holding on.
Think i found the coulprit to my problem the jumper wire from the two positive brushes is nearly severed in half and it looks like the majority of it was done recently due to the shiny ends of the wires. it already had black electrical tape on it like someone had attempted a temparary fix earlier. i am going to replace the jumper wire and install some new brushes and a stud for the post when i get the parts in. What type of solenoid do i need to get for the starter to make it a key switch.
Replaced the wire not sure i am getting a good conection i run off and left my cleaning stuff so i didn't get to clean it up good. may have to take it to the shop if i can't figure out how to test all the coils for conductivity and get it to spinning again. Dang was hoping i could get it working pretty quick.
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