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Steering question

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The JD manual says the steering gear oil level should be checked by removing the medallion and adding transmission oil until its level with the sector gear. My friend who worked on it with me added grease....will this work or should I change it if I can? Would this cause hard steering?
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Grease no. Hard steering at 20 below zero yes grease in summer either? or leave it.........
Leave it, only time grease will bother you is if you are driving it at 20 below, it will be a bit stiffer then. Yet so is everything in those temps. I put grease in mine.
Ok great, I'm still gonna look at the gasket thing you mentioned. We are going to begin cleaning her up and touching up the pad and maybe seat adjustment if there is one so my little will get comfortable with it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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