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Steering question

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We brought our first JD home and I have a steering question. Its a 1947A with tricycle front(large hubs behind wheels) not sure of anything else about it except that I had to have new bearings put in the top pedastel where the gears meet. The tractor is the hardest steering tractor I have ever there an adjustment? should I be checking lube levels? is it just the way they are? Any help would be great. it has a bent rim and bad tires but would that effect steering? I'm on the hunt for a rim already and I have some skinnier tires for the front. The main reason I have this tractor is because my 5 year old wanted it and she wants to drive it so I need to make it as easy steering as possible. Thanks for the help
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Lovesthedrive said:
The steering will be easier when it is moving. Jack up the nose of the tractor and see if it still steers hard with the front tires off the ground. If it still steers hard check the steering box. Some one may have tightened the gears trying to get rid of steering wheel play. If problem goes away after jacking then its a matter of manwell steering.

Let us know what you find out.
Thanks, I will do that when we go back up two weeks from did have new bearings installed a week ago in the upper end of the box.
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