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Get a call about a swarm , Guy said he had sprayed them with the garden hose in hopes of getting them to leave but they wouldn't. Usally a half to 3/4 hour drive but yesteray it was close to two hours. A big semi load of top soil took for ever to get up to speed off the free way, A wreck in a small town had traffic backed up several blocks and then a gravel train from there to the place where the road widens to 4 lanes.

Guy showes me the swarm in a pine tree about 5 feet up wrapped around the trunk and some of the branches. I get the bee vac I had already set up, the vac and hoses and start sucking them up. There was all of a sudden a bunch flying so I tell Kare there they go as I keep sucking as many as I can. Sure enough the swarm all left the tree swirling in the air as they headded north where a block over there is a big woods and probably a hollow tree or two. I've never had any thing like that happen before.

I close up what I had and bring them home. I don't know if they will stay or not, I don't think I was lucky enough to have gotten the queen. I am sure if I had the swarm would have landed on the hive I was sucking them into.

We come home and unload them. We are going to town to Auto Zone to get me a fuel filter for the truck and Kare wants some Orange Juice Mejiers has on sale plus some Sea Foam to put in the tank of diesel is about 2.00 dollars cheaper than at Auto Zone even with the vets discount ($1.87 on the filter).

Any who a lady calls the cell as we are sitting waiting for them to clear a tree they fell in the road and were cutting it up where it fell instead of pushing it in the ditch to cut up.

She is down the road on the back side of a lake and has a bunch of bees all over her deck. Since I'm close by and they had just cleared the last of the tree I told her we would come see what she had going on since it didn't sound like a swarm.

Those bees were all over her citnella lamps. I told her to wait till dark then bag the lamps and put in the grarge till they were going to have a evening party and skeeters might be a problem. Got to call her latter and see if the bees are back this morning.

I always have to laugh how a person cam be around a 1500 pound horse and a tiny little honey bee can make a 240 pound man scream like a little girl and run for the house.
The lady even had the cat and dog caged inside the house for fear of them getting stung.

Wonder what the draw was on the citrnella lamps was?

:D Al
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