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Stuck pulley bearing

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A while back I bought a '51 model A with a stuck motor. I got the engine to free up but for the life of me I can't get the pulley to move. I got all of the rusted clutch parts out, removed the drive disk, pulled the clutch fork and I can't get anything to free up. I've tried rocking the tractor with it in gear, tried beating on the pulley with a dead blow hammer. Any other suggestions?
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Sometimes it helps to see the assembly diagram to know how to take it apart.

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Make it. Some flat belt or an old leather waist belt and a 2x4. Permanently attach one end to the 2x4, the other end goes around the pulley and is clamped to the board. Hopefully you have a 8 foot 2x4 and it doesnt snap when you bear down on it.

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Did you succeed?

Oh and pictures are always good,
Congrats! Any pictures?

How did you achieve the success?
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