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sum what restored fleetline 88

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hey everyone we restored our fleetline 88 diesel standard in july, i was either to busy or to lazy to post until now. sorry but i don't have any before pictures. so heres a run down of what we did. this was technically a gas standard but we had an 88 diesel engine around and put it in and then we put in oversized pistons and put in a roosamaster pump on. we added the fender extensions and the dust shields are custom made. it was a great tractor but sadly we have been having multiple engines problems, first on was we put the piston rods in wrong so they scored the crank. then when we fixed this problem and it ran fine for while but then one day while driving it down the road it shuts off and we couldn't get it started, we later found out that when we put the shaft in the roosamaster in we ripped the umbrella gaskets and we leaked diesel fuel in the oil pan and spun a bearing. so to sum it up this 88 would have gone through two overhauls within 5hrs of running. :cry:
well here are the pictures

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Nice looking Oliver.. Hope the motor holds up this time..are you pulling this tractor?
Man thats a good looking outfit. I love the look of the old Olivers.
well caseman its kind of iffy. we restored it as a farm tractor; raking and other odd jobs. we are willing to pull this tractor, it has the power to do it just not the weight and we would only pull it when we have it at a farm show.
Looks Great. :D Hope you've got the engine problems behind you. ;)
Really love the Fleetline series, much more than the three digit. Unfortunate for you to have had those issues with the new motor so with a little luck, maybe all that's behind you. Good photos.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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