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super 99 and plow finished

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Hey everyone after months of hard work and determination we have finished our super 99 GM and 4440 5-16 plow for our local county fair. my brother restored both as a 4-H project and with some luck they will go to the Iowa state fair. enjoy the pictures.

heres the tractor before

heres the plow before

and here they both are finished.
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Nicely done, and Good Luck. ;)
Wow! nice touch
They look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The hard work really shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx for the pix. I enjoy seeing these sightly eldery tractors given a new life. You notice I didn't say old tractor. To be old something has to be older than I. Vern
Beautiful job!! Next time put some BIG tires on it! :eek: :lol:
hey everyone if you wish to see the 99 it will be at the Iowa state fair.
Don't have to go to the Fair ,you already gave us a preview of it . Looks super ,Job well done. :D :D :D
Excellent resto on both the tractor and the plow :cool:
thanks for the pics :D
Great JOB! I can almost hear that 99 from here!

Check my last post-- pair of brothers-- the Ole and the MIF side by side in nORegon!
That whole 90 99 series and descendents has always looked to me to have been built stouter than a Sherman tank; one series of tractor i've never seen at work. Hope one day to get seat time on one of them. Thanks for the fotos
Very nice! I have a similar plow at home but it's a semi-mount.
I'd love to hear it running with the singing Jenny in it.
Excellent job, for sure. There isn't anything like listening to that screaming diesel. I'd like to sink those plows in a hundred acre bottom land.....
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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